Roofmate Quartz Plus

  • Architectural Appeal
  • Variety of Products
  • Texture and Colour
  • Flexibility and Durability
  • Available in Any Length
  • Latest CNC Production Technology.


With its timeless aesthetic quality freedom of choice in terms of shape appearance and colour, ROOFMATE blends in perfectly with every environment and compliments all type of architecture………the extensive range of our products straight or curved offers a wide arrays of options.

ROOFMATE delivers superior technical performance in terms of water tightness, mechanical strength, durability, fire security and condensation.

Longile/ Durability

Modern high speed roll forming processes shape steel into versatile, eye-catching designs, with a variety profiles in appealing colours. They retain their good looks for decades, not just a few years.
Light Weights

Steel roofing systems typically are of lighter weights than many other roofing systems. It therefore helps to reduce overall roofing cost. It does this by reducing the need for reinforcement required where heavier roofing is reduced.
Re-Roofing Ease

Light weight is an important advantage. Steel roof often can be installed over existing roof with little or no modifications.
Low Maintenance

Steel roofing system requires minimal care. A few basic steps include annual inspection of the roof, cleaning the roof from accumulated debris, and checking roof-top ancillaries to ensure that they are properly drained and supported so that ponding water is avoided.
Return on Owner's Investments

Steel roofing system offer great usable life spans, as a result, a steel roofing system adds significantly to the resale value.
Environment Friendly

In addition to its excellent durability, this product is highly reflective and keeps the inside environment cool during the day. Besides it contains no hazardous materials or chemicals. This eco-friendly material creates energy-efficiency, minimises urban island and work towards zero waste begin generated.
Brick Red, Mills Std.Grey.BIC, RAL 5012, Appl.White, Environmental Green, RAL 9002, Caulified Green, Mills Std.White B/C, Taurus Blue, Beige, Off White BIC,RAL 9006.
Available in a wide range of colours to suite any building design and environment. 
These colour shades are only for reference. Due to limitations of printing, the colour shades may vary.